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19 Massive Questions About That Mandalorian Finale

Season two of The Mandalorian took us to corners of the Star Wars universe we’d by no means seen before and prompted us to take a look at some familiar places in a new light. It also noticed the return of 1 major character from the original trilogy — and allowed him to be the badass he never bought to be in the films — featured a last-minute cameo from one of Star Warsgreatest heroes, and launched the live-action versions of some characters previously only seen in animated series. Quite a bit occurred, including the last scene (not counting the epilogue) that upset the established order of the present itself. But that’s not the one unanswered query The Mandalorian left dangling as we look ahead to the 3rd season. Let’s get into them, beginning with the biggest query of all …

19 Massive Questions About That Mandalorian Finale

So, are Mando and Grogu break up for good now?

sure looks that way, doesn’t it? The final scene, pre-credits, ends with Grogu wandering over to look, lifting up his arms like a toddler, then nestling against Luke earlier than being whisked away alongside R2-D2. Jedi coaching isn’t a brief course, and it appears like Grogu might be staying with Luke some time, even though Mando promised to see him once more. So, has Grogu exited the present? As one of the most instantly beloved characters in Star Wars, that appears extremely unlikely, but let’s not less than take into account the chance. The sequence is named The Mandalorian, not The Mandalorian & Grogu. (And even when it was referred to like that, that didn’t cease Laverne & Shirley from carrying on without Shirley for many of its last season.) It’s doable that Mando’s adventures with Grogu have an expiration date and that future seasons will function our Mandalorian hero having adventures without him.

There’s nothing within the rule book that says it can’t occur. Will it happen? Proper now, most likely solely Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and a good circle of collaborators know. It certainly wouldn’t be stunning if season three at least withheld Grogu for a short time. Assume how a lot that may make Mando’s eyes well up, given what we saw in the season finale.

About that: Din Djarin has taken his helmet off in full view of others two episodes in a row. What’s happening?

There are two methods of this, and neither guidelines out the opposite. Both times have been below extraordinary circumstances. In “Chapter 15: The Believer,” he had no alternative but to take the helmet off if he wished to rescue Grogu. In “Chapter 16: The Rescue” his bond with Grogu basically left him and not using a choice for different causes: He owed it to the little man he’s handled like a son to look him within the eyes. It was the next code even than the one he swore to stick to as a Mandalorian. This raises the opposite risk: Mando’s began to stray from the Mandalorian code. Thanks to Bo-Katan and her companions, he’s discovered there are different methods of being a Mandalorian. He’s a bit like somebody who’s lived inside a strict religious order who, after residing amongst these with different beliefs, has begun to query his upbringing. Is it vital that his helmet stays at his ft in the last(ish) shot, one which leaves him within the firm of Bo-Katan and Koska Reeves, characters with whom he’ll possibly be spending a while in season three? Maybe!

Where is Grogu going?

We don’t know a lot about Luke’s life between the tip of Return of the Jedi and his reappearance on the distant planet of Ach-To at the finish of The Power Awakens, but what we do know doesn’t bode effectively for Grogu. Luke tried to revive the Jedi order by way of Power-powerful college students. However these college students included his nephew Ben Solo (later to be often called Kylo Ren), and Ben’s murderous flip ended Luke’s efforts in a dramatic vogue. Is that Grogu’s destiny, to be murdered by Ben Solo? That seems like too darkish a flip, nevertheless, it’s not out of the query.

When is that third season coming?

The Mandalorian has impressed two confirmed spinoffs, Ahsoka and Rangers of the New Republic. Many have interpreted the post-credits scene of this finale because of the announcement of a 3rd spinoff referred to as The book of Boba Fett, because of a card studying “The  book of Boba Fett, Coming December 2021.” So are we getting a Boba Fett sequence then? TBD. Disney beforehand introduced December 2021 because the premiere date for The Mandalorian’s third season, so it’s doable to learn “The book of Boba Fett” because the title for season three somewhat than a discrete spinoff. However, who is aware of it?

Jabba’s palace was looking a little underpopulated when Fennec Shand and Boba Fett showed up, wasn’t it?

Properly, Jabba’s useless, Bib Fortuna’s an apparent buzzkill, and would you wish to cling round a spot whose earlier guests had a way of ending up useless? In addition to, there’s no Rancor monster to entertain everybody anymore, so why hassle?

Poor Bib Fortuna!

That’s not likely a query but doesn’t really feel too dangerous for the man. He ought to have identified he was too weak-willed to take a seat on Jabba’s throne.

Getting back to those spinoffs, what do we all know?

Not loads. Ahsoka was introduced as a restricted series to be run by Favreau and Filoni with Rosario Dawson returning to the position. Pretty much as good as her episode, “Chapter 13: The Jedi,” was, it additionally had the unmistakable really feel of a backdoor pilot. And, hey, that’s what it turned out to be! We all know even much less about Rangers of the New Republic, one other Favreau and Filoni venture. Will it feature the 2 X-wing pilots we met within the second episode of this season? That wouldn’t be a shock.

Will these spinoffs be any good?

That’s, after all, unknown. But Favreau and Filoni have saved the standard of The Mandalorian remarkably excessive from the primary episode on. There’s no purpose to guess against them. However, creators generally unfold themselves too skinny, they usually appear to have increased their workload significantly. One factor’s for sure: There might be a whole lot of Star Wars spinoffs, not all of them directly tied to The Mandalorian. CBS All Access’ technique is to have a brand new Star Trek sequence of 1 variety or one other working all year long. The announcement of the 9 new Star Wars sequence looks like Disney’s hold-my-beer moment.

Where is Ahsoka?

It seemed doable she’d show up within the finale, but no. She must be too busy plotting to take down Thrawn.

Where is Greef Karga?

We didn’t see as a lot of Carl Weathers as could be expected, did we? Weathers did direct one of many season’s greatest episodes (“Chapter 12: The Siege”), although, so maybe that saved him busy.

Who named Grogu?

Ahsoka knows his title, however who named him? We really do not know the place the title comes from or what it means.

What’s going on with the New Republic?

The Mandalorian takes place within the Outer Rim, so it’s becoming that, like Outer Rim residents, we solely get rumors and hints about what’s occurring nearer to the guts of the galaxy. The Imperial remnants counsel it’s a spot of infighting and dysfunction. Whether or not that’s the projection or not, nonetheless, we don’t know.

How did Boba Fett survive the Sarlacc pit?

That’s never been revealed. We all know he appears to have misplaced his armor within the course of. But his connection to the Clone Wars and clone know-how raises different choices. Perhaps this reply is someplace in The Book of Boba Fett.

Will we ever see Omera once more?

Bear in mind Omera, the nice (and sharpshooting) widow who appeared to win Mando’s coronary heart again in “Chapter 4: Sanctuary”? It seems like we’ll have to see her once more sooner or later, however not this season.

Will the Frog family live happily ever after? Did they end up with enough eggs?

They appeared pleased enough with their spawn when finally we saw them. Let’s simply leave them there.

Will Mando get a new ship?

Right here’s one other element in help of the possibility that Grogu is now Grogone: Mando misplaced his ship when the Razor Crest was blown up in spectacular vogue. The Razor Crest appeared nearly as central to the sequence as Grogu, however now it’s gone perpetually.

What’s next for Migs Mayfeld?

The door stays open for Invoice Burr to return as the amoral ex-Imperial. However, will his political awakening proceed?

What did Moff Gideon do with Grogu’s blood?

From the glimpse we bought of Dr. Pershing’s lab on Navarro, it appears like he and Moff Gideon have been performing some fairly darkish experiments involving clones. It appears possible they have been dying to attract Grogu’s midi-chlorian-rich blood to create … one thing? Perhaps soldiers much more {powerful} than the Darkish Troopers? Each Gideon and Pershing stay alive, but they might not be prepared to speak about their efforts.

What to do with Moff Gideon?

The season ends with Moff Gideon within the custody of Mando, Bo-Katan, Koska Reeves, Boba Fett, and Fennec Shand. Boba and Fennec appear to have struck out on their very own. That leaves Gideon (and Pershing) within the fingers of people that actually don’t like them, although what they’ll do with them stays unclear.

Who will wield the Darksaber?

Mando doesn’t need it. Bo-Katan desires it, however can’t simply take it as a present. Sooner or later, they’re going to must battle, and battle in such a way that they create a narrative that leaves Bo-Katan the Darksaber’s true proprietor. That seems like one thing season three should tackle, and fairly quickly. That Darksaber isn’t going to wield itself.

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