5 Potential theories about why Lana was faraway from her WWE TLC 2020 match 

5 Potential theories about why Lana was faraway from her WWE TLC 2020 match 

Here’s why  was written out of WWE TLC 2020 on RAW this week

Could we see the return of a former Champion at the pay-per-view?

In case you are not all caught up with RAW this week (which would not be too surprising in the event you consider the viewership numbers), Lana scored an upset victory towards Nia Jax however then was promptly faraway from her WWE TLC 2020 match owing to a ‘harm’.

Sure, it was not a legitimate injury however a storyline beatdown that promoted this removal, and one has to consider that Lana was written off from WWE TLC 2020 because the corporate has huge plans in place.

Here are 5 theories about why Lana might have been changed on this match. Share your own theory about WWE TLC 2020 within the comments part below.

After all, WWE had done a commendable job in creating babyface sympathy for Lana after having her undergo one desk after one other in recent weeks.

#5 To create an element of intrigue with the ‘replacement for Lana’ angle at WWE TLC 2020, which is not one of the more anticipated WWE pay-per-views of the calendar year

When you look up and down the WWE TLC 2020 card, be it the Sasha Banks vs. Carmella match, Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens, or even Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles, you know that there’s a very slight chance that any of the Champions will lose their titles on the pay-per-view this weekend.

But by creating a component of intrigue relating to who will present up as Lana’s ally at WWE TLC 2020, the viewers have a reason to tune in and check out the action.

It is not a lot, but everybody likes an element of mystery. And hypothesis has been rampant on-line since WWE decided to go down this route not way back. May the following title return from harm to crew up with Lana at WWE TLC 2020?

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