Amy Schumer Shared a Picture of Her ‘Cute’ C-section Scar—And Moms Are Loving It

Amy Schumer Shared a Picture of Her ‘Cute’ C-section Scar—And Moms Are Loving It

In late January, Amy Schumer posted a nude mirror selfie celebrating the small scar on her lower abdomen from her C-section start in May 2019.

As revealed in her three-part HBO documentary series, Expecting Amy, Schumer had a difficult pregnancy and was sick during all three trimesters. She delivered her son, Gene Fischer (whose center name is David for a very important reason), through an elective C-section that was complicated but finally successful; she and child Gene have been doing great ever since.

All the time one to advocate for body realism, Schumer posted the image on January 31, writing, “Feeling like my c part seems cute at present! #hotgirlwinter #csection.” Cute as hell, Amy.

Positivity and reward quickly filled the comments. “Feel like mine lookin’ hot today too! What a coincidence!” wrote musician Vanessa Carlton. Jessica Seinfeld added, “Whatever transported Genie on this planet is to be relished. Ps – body 🔥🔥.” Nicole Richie wrote, “I assumed the hashtag stated Hot Lady Wiener which I assume now ailing go ahead and begin…,” so be on the lookout for that trend. Writer Lesley Arfin joked, “Uh yeah it does. Mine seems to like the Pringles man.” Okay, however who says the Pringles man can’t be cute too? Paris Hilton and Debra Messing opted for flame and clap emojis. Sometimes words aren’t enough.

Schumer usually finds methods to share her life and a joke at the same time on Instagram. At the top of post-inauguration meme mania, she posted an image of the moment child Gene was handed to her on the operating desk…with Bernie Sanders in His Mittens close by.

“Bernie has all the time been there for me our son and our best treasure,” she wrote in the caption.

Amy Schumer is a national treasure too. Thanks for the positivity boost on our timelines, A. It’s a lot wanted these days.

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