Google Doodle’s “Thank You” To James Naismith, The Father Of Basketball

James Naismith Google Doodle: Google today thanked James Naismith for “creating one of many world’s favorite pastimes” – basketball

Learn about James Naismith and how basketball was born

  • James Naismith obtained a bachelor’s degree in physical education from McGill University.
  • In 1890 he began working as an instructor at the YMCA International Training College in Springfield, Massachusetts
  • On the YMCA training college, Dr. James Naismith was “tasked to develop an indoor game that would occupy students during the unforgiving New England winters,” said the article on Google’s web site
  • He was given simply 14 days to develop an indoor sport that will give an “athletic distraction” to children
  • “With two peach baskets, a soccer ball, and just ten rules, the game of ‘basketball’ was born”
  • After a humble beginning, in class, basketball is now a well-liked sport in over 200 nations
  • On the 1936 Berlin Olympics, basketball made its debut, and the founder of the game, James Naismith threw the ball for the tip-off to inaugurate the first game

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