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Happy birthday, Selena! 15 things about Selena that you simply in all probability have no idea

15 things about Selena that you simply in all probability have no idea

At this time is Selena’s birthday, and the Queen of Tejano would have been 50 years old.

Breaking barriers as a Mexican-American artist, she turned broadly known outside Texas and Mexico and her legacy lives on today thanks to her music.

Listed below are 15 issues you could or may not know about Selena and her history-making legacy:

Selena was engaged on her album “Dreaming of You,” her first crossover album with 5 English songs earlier than she was killed.

2. Many Latin artists such as J Balvin, Unhealthy Bunny, and Rosalia credit score Selena for his or her inspiration and effect for crossover hits between the U.S and Latin America.

3. There’s still an online Selena official store the place you can purchase official merchandise.

4. Selena was honored at Houston Rodeo’s Star Trail of Fame for her sold-out performance at the Rodeo 26 years ago.

5. “Selena,” the 1997 blockbuster film that stars Jennifer Lopez, is one of the highest-grossing music biopics of all time.

You’ll be able to take a course on Selena and her influence on Mexican-American culture at the University of Texas-San Antonio

7. She was born in Lake Jackson, simply over an hour south of Houston.

7. George W. Bush, who was governor of Texas at the time, declared Selena’s birthday as “Selena Day” in Texas.

Selena was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award during the 2021 Grammys alongside artists Salt-N-Pepa and Speaking Heads.

9. She was the primary feminine to win a Grammy in Tejano music.

10. At 17 years outdated, she signed with Coca-Cola, altering the Hispanic promoting panorama.

About 40,000 fans attended the open-casket viewing of Selena in Corpus Christi, a day after her death.

12. Selena And so forth, Selena’s boutique, remained opened even after her demise, along with her widower, Chris Perez, taking up the enterprise until July 2009.

. Growing up, Selena solely knew English till her father, who was a former musician, taught her to sing in Spanish by studying the lyrics phonetically.

14. Other than being the “Queen of Tejano,” she was also referred to as the “Mexican Madonna” primarily due to her horny outfits on stage.

15. A monument dedicated to Selena, called “Mirador de la Flor” (Lookout of the Flower) is visited by tourists all over the world immediately in Corpus Christi. It was unveiled in 1997 and was sculpted by H.W. “Buddy” Tatum.

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