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How To Delete Telegram Account: Steps To Deactivate Telegram

Telegram is a messaging app that has changed into extraordinarily well-liked off-late. It was launched in 2013 and has gained over 500 million active users since then. But there have been points with it that are making its users change to other messaging apps.

Nonetheless, Telegram doesn’t supply a one-click delete choice, but that doesn’t imply you can’t delete or deactivate your Telegram account.

Delete Telegram: delete/ deactivate Telegram account completely on Android, iOS, and PC

Telegram comes with features resembling groups the place you’ll be able to add as many as 2,00,000 folks, look for people near your location, and schedule send, which is hard to find on other messaging platforms. However, the messaging service has had its points through the years, particularly with regard to its famed privacy service. For starters, Telegram doesn’t use end-to-end encryption by default. Moreover, the app collects customers’ data, has no individual receipts in group chats, and offers restricted support, among other things.

If for reasons like these you are looking to leave the messaging app, under is the easy step-by-step information on how to delete/ deactivate the Telegram account permanently on Android, iOS, and PC.

Telegram account delete

It’s value noting you can delete the Telegram account using a number of choices. You can use the app on an Android phone or iPhone. Or else, you may head over to the Telegram website and observe the detailed instructions to delete the Telegram account.

delete Telegram account permanently on Android

For cell users, Telegram doesn’t supply a direct way to delete Telegram accounts. As an alternative, it’s a must to undergo the deactivation process. This works by the self-destruct choice available on the Telegram Android app. You can choose the time frame based on which your Telegram account will get disabled. After this, all of your contacts and messages will be gone forever.

Here are the steps to deactivate a Telegram account on Android:

Delete Telegram delete deactivate Telegram account completely on Android, iOS, and PC



  • Open Telegram on Android and click on Settings
  • Over there, select the Privacy and Security tab
  • Scroll down to If Away for the section to automatically delete the account
  • Choose the idle time frame after which your Telegram account might be disabled without end. You can select from 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. By default, Telegram is ready this to six months.

After doing this, if you don’t use a Telegram account for the selected time frame, Telegram will completely delete your account on Android.

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delete Telegram account permanently on iPhone

The steps to delete the Telegram account completely on iPhone are pretty much the same as on Android cell. Start with, deactivating the account. This can be done by

  • Open Telegram on iPhone and go to Settings
  • Click on Privacy and Security
  • Scroll over to If Away for option
  • Click on 6 months to get extra options, up to 12 months

In case your Telegram account stays idle for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months, the Telegram account might be deleted along with all messages and contacts.

delete Telegram account utilizing web browser

Deleting a Telegram account takes a few months and folks might not need to wait for that long. So, for them, Telegram offers a fast resolution that works out by any net browser. Follow these steps to delete the Telegram account right away.

  • Head over to the Telegram Deactivation page on any net browser. This can be done utilizing each PC or cell.
  • Sort the phone quantity utilizing which your Telegram account was created. Add the nation code earlier than placing your cell number after which click on Next.
  • Now, you’ll get an alphanumeric code on the Telegram cell app.
  • Put the alphanumeric code to register to your Telegram account. Don’t watch for any SMS code to move forward.
  • From the Telegram Core part, click on the Delete Account choice
  • Telegram desires to know the reason behind your deleting the account. Answering this question is elective. After that click on Delete My Account
  • Telegram will ask you as soon as once more if you happen to certainly need to delete your Telegram account. If you nonetheless need to go forward, click on, Sure, delete my account to finish your association with Telegram.

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How can I delete multiple messages in Telegram?

If you wish to erase all copies of such a message from Telegram’s servers—even the recipient’s copy—you may need to ask the recipient of the message to delete it on their device, too. To delete the entire conversation, swipe proper on it within the conversations list and select Delete.

How can I delete my Telegram account from Android?

Here are the steps to deactivate the Telegram account on Android: Open Telegram on Android and click on SettingsOver there, select the Privacy and Security tabScroll down to If Away for the section to automatically delete the account.

How can I delete my Telegram account permanently?

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1. Type your phone number.
2. Tap Next.
3. Type the confirmation code.
4. Tap Sign In.
5. Tap Deactivate account.
6. Tap Done.
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The way to delete Telegram messages from the group

Equally, to delete a Telegram message from a group sent by you, simply long-tap the chat and press delete to take away it from the chat path. But if you wish to delete another particular person’s chat, you will have to get approval from the admin of the Telegram group.
In case, you had been made admin by another person, ask them to give you the proper to delete messages of other people by going to Handle Group – Administrators – Your Admin Profile. Now you can delete all the messages in a Telegram group.

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