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Paige Spiranac is an American professional golfer and fitness fanatic. She’s performed golf ever since high school, and within the course of, received plenty of awards. Paige can be an internet movie star with a rising fan base that exhibits no indicators of stopping.

Nonetheless, golf wasn’t always Paige’s first selection. In actual fact, she planned to turn into a gymnast rising up; but, a fractured knee cap at the age of 12 steered her profession in a completely different route.

Paige Spiranac Biography

Starting Ground in Gymnastics

Paige Spiranac was born in Colorado to a match and active family. Her mom was a professional ballerina, and her father was an elite soccer player.

Following in her household’s footsteps, Paige set out to turn into a gymnast. At the same time as a baby, she dreamed of competing in the Olympics one day.

A Career-Ending Injury

Paige’s expertise in gymnastics enabled her to leap from the extent six class to Elites.

In actual fact, her performances have been so spectacular that she obtained an invite from the USA Gymnastics Nationwide Workforce themselves. All the things appeared good at first.

However then, an unexpected kneecap injury cut Paige’s gymnastics profession quickly. Her hopes and desires of creating it for the Olympics fell aside in an instant.

Early {Golfing} Days

While recovering from her fractured kneecap, Paige realized she didn’t want to give up on professional sports.

As a substitute, she appeared for different sporting actions that might permit her to meet her dream of changing into an expert athlete.

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After months of trial and error, Paige fell in love with the idea of changing into a golfer.

During high school, she started enjoying herself as a junior golfer, and later, turned into a captain of the women’s golf workforce in school.

Getting Viral

Throughout her final year in school, Paige began posting photos and movies of her trick-shots. These movies went viral within weeks.

1000’s of people began commenting on Paige’s pages, admiring her awesome abilities in golf. This gave Paige the confidence to take her {golfing} profession a step additional by becoming an expert player.

Paige Spiranac Today

Since she launched herself into the world {of professional} golf, Paige has traveled across the world playing competitions as well as modeling for plenty of sports firms.

Paige additionally began sharing extra of her life on the internet. This included her workouts, which she adopted rigorously to remain in top type.

One factor led to the next, as Paige Spiranac turned a well-known title not solely in the sport of golf, but also across her social media platforms.

Training For Golf

As a golfer, Paige is prone to low-back ache, as a result of fixed swinging of the golf membership.

To stop this, she performs a particular exercise that strengthens her again. It requires no tools except resistance bands.

Right here’s how the workout looks;

  • Fowl Canine, three units of 12+ reps
  • Single-Leg Glute Bridge, three units of 12+ reps
  • No-Arm Side Planks, 3 sets of 60+ seconds

Regular Gym Workouts

In addition to her golf training sessions, Paige also trains like any fitness model, doing cardio and lifting weights in the gym.

While power training retains her core sturdy, cardio classes velocity up Paige’s metabolism, making her burn fats faster.

Paige’s Full Workout Plan

  • Treadmill (walking), 5 minutes
  • Barbell Squats, 5 x 12
  • Walking Lunges (10/leg), three x 20
  • Jump Squats Super-Set With Hamstring Curls, 2 x 10
  • Reverse Deadlifts with Dumbbells, three x 15
  • Lateral Dumbbell Raises, three x 12
  • Cardio, 20 minutes
  • Treadmill (strolling) 5 minutes
  • Circuit (1 min break), four rounds
    • Soar squats, 15 reps
    • Pushups, 12 reps
  • Russian Twists (25 on each side), 50 reps
  • Dumbbell Row (10 every arm), 20 reps
  • Dumbbell Squat, 12 reps
  • Shoulder Press, 10 reps
  • Plank, 1 min
Wednesday (rest)
  • Stair Grasp, 10 minutes
  • Circuit (relaxation 1 half of min), four rounds
    • Dumbbell Squat, 10 reps
    • Shoulder Press, 1 rep
  • Walking Lunges, 20 reps
  • Plank, 1 min
  • Jumping Jacks, 15 reps
  • Kickbacks (10 every leg), 20 reps
  • Battle Rope, 30 secs
  • Field Jumps, 5 reps
  • Russian Twists (15 either side), 30 reps in whole
  • Heat-Up, 5 minutes
  • Lat Pull-Down, four x 10
  • Single-Arm Seated Cable Row, three x 15
  • Hip Thrusts, three x 10
  • Walking Weighted Lunges, three x 20
  • Weighted Step-Ups (15 every leg), 2 x 30
  • Ft Weighted Sled Pushes, three x 45
  • Russian Twists (15 on each side), 2 x 30
  • Medicine Ball Wall Throws, 2 x 15
  • Plank, three x 1min
  • Cardio, 45 minutes


Paige is admired by many individuals for her work ethic, but she says it’s not all the time simple to maintain up together with her weight loss program.

“I battle with my weight loss program, to be trustworthy. I like my sweets and carbs however I will be certain that to by no means deprive myself and hearken to my physique. I’ve discovered I shouldn’t be loopy strict to realize my health objectives.”

Regardless of the difficulties of consuming a strict weight loss program, Paige stays decided to guide a wholesome way of life. Nonetheless, as she says, an odd ‘cheat meal’ right here and there won’t do any harm.

What we can learn from Paige Spiranac

What we can learn from Paige Spiranac is that you should embrace whatever life throws your approach. In Paige’s case, she was pressured to desert her desires in gymnastics as a result of an injury to her knee.

Even though this harm initially seemed to prefer it modified the course of Paige’s life for the worse, it really steered her in the direction of becoming an expert golfer and online sensation.

Subsequent time you’re faced with adversity, remember Paige’s example, and how she turned her own challenges into a story of success.

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