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Twitter users discover what their names mean in Urban Dictionary

Take a minute to play this very personalized sport and get a name which means you won’t discover it in any child book.

Certain, your name could have a historic or traditional which means (my own “Gael” refers to “a Gaelic-speaking inhabitant of Eire, Scotland, or the Isle of Man”). But there might be a hidden definition out there. On Monday, Urban Dictionary started trending on Twitter as presumably, bored net surfers discovered they could look up their first names on the crowdsourced slang dictionary.

It is past simple to get your definition. Simply pull up UrbanDictionary.com and see in case your name is listed. Weirdly, many names are, with some super-specific definitions. Bear in mind, nevertheless, that these are crowdsourced entries, so they might have spelling and grammar errors and often feature sexual or different adult content. City Dictionary is not your grandmother’s Merriam-Webster.

So, in case your name is Adam, you could have grown up knowing your name belonged to the Biblical first man, and that many people say your name could derive from adamah, the Hebrew phrase for earth or floor.

But on UrbanDictionary, issues get far more particular. Adam can brag about being “a lovable candy man who will make any lady really feel particular,” or “an excellent kisser and is a nerd on the subject of video video games.”

Is your identify Stacie? To not brag, but you are apparently “so stunning, it could actually deliver (folks) to tears.”

Do you go by Brandi? UrbanDictionary says you’re the “illest and dopest chick” who “loves onerous” and you are “drama-free.”

There are multiple definitions for Brandi, as there are for many UrbanDictionary names, so in case you don’t like that one, simply hold scrolling down until you get an acceptable one. This is not an actual science.

Not everyone desires to listen to your outcomes, although. Wrote one Twitter person, “Nobody gave about the meaning of your name in City Dictionary.”

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