Uncharted’s first movie trailer is full of very acquainted action

After over a decade of development (and seven directors), it seems that Sony’s Uncharted film is lastly, actually, truly going to actually come out — and it has the trailer to prove it.

Starring Tom Holland as an incongruously young version of fortune hunter/adventurer / general human punching bag Nathan Drake, Uncharted is ready long before the favored online game collection, winding the clock again earlier than Drake was a seasoned Indiana Jones knockoff to the beginning of his career.

It’s sort of hard to shake how younger Holland seems right here compared to his extra grizzled online game counterpart, together with what seems to be an identical American accent to his Spider-Man voice within the Marvel films. But Sony will have loads of time to convince fans to get on board within the coming months.

Despite ostensibly being a prequel, followers of the games will be aware that loads of the motion in the movie look very acquainted: the big airplane set piece seems ripped right out of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, for instance.

The movie also options other notable Uncharted characters, even when they’ve been rendered nearly unidentifiable right here: Mark Wahlberg is enjoying a mustache-less Sully (Nathan’s father determine/associate), whereas Sophia Taylor Ali is a young Chloe Frazer, who apparently knows Sully on this version of the franchise.

To place some perspective on how lengthy the movie has been in development, Wahlberg was originally set to play Drake himself in 2010, over a decade in the past, when work began on the difference.

Uncharted isn’t the one main Naughty Canine video game adaptation within the works; the studio is also working with HBO on a TV show

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