World Blood Donor Day: 5 advantages of donating blood you have to know about

“Many times, patients suffering from life-threatening conditions may be saved by blood donation. But, it should even be identified that blood donation not solely helps save lives, but it also has certain health advantages for the donor as well,” said Dr. Sandeep Jassal

Yearly, World Blood Donor Day is observed on June 14 to lift awareness about the need to donate blood repeatedly to extend the availability of protected blood and its products for patients in want. This day is also an event to thank donors who volunteer to donate the life-saving present of blood. This additionally acts as an encouragement for others who’re in any other case hesitant to volunteer within the noble cause.

“In accordance with the World Health Organisation, blood transfusion can probably save a number of lives, but many instances sufferers needing transfusion do not have entry to protected blood readily. Many times, sufferers suffering from life-threatening conditions may be saved by blood donation. However, it should even be identified that blood donation not solely helps save lives, but it additionally has sure health benefits for the donor as nicely,” said Dr. Sandeep Jassal, doctor of other medicine, who consults on Practo.

To know more, read about the advantages, as shared by Dr. Jassal.

Weight loss: Timely blood donation helps within the discount of weight and improves health in healthy adults. Based on the College of California researchers, donating a pint of blood i.e., 450 ml helps your physique burn about 650 energy. But it surely should not be considered or inspired as a weight loss plan. Doctor consultation before donating blood is a should, to keep away from any health issues.

Reduce heart disease risk: Common blood donation keeps in check the iron levels, which lowers the chance of coronary heart illness. A considerable amount of iron build-up in the physique could cause oxidative harm which has proven to be a major culprit in accelerating aging, heart assaults, strokes, etc.

Prevents hemochromatosis: Donating blood can lower the risk or could prevent the development of hemochromatosis, a situation in which there’s an extra absorption of iron by the physique. Common blood donation could decrease iron overload, therefore proving it useful for individuals with hemochromatosis. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to make sure that the obligatory requirements of blood donation eligibility standards are met by the donor with hemochromatosis.

Improve new blood cell production: Blood donation stimulates the production of new blood cells. After donating blood, your body’s system gets to work within 48 hours of donation with the assistance of bone marrow. New blood cells are produced and all the lost purple blood cells are replaced inside a span of 30 to 60 days. Hence, donating blood helps in maintaining vital health.

Lower cancer risk: Higher levels of iron in the body are an invite to cancer. By donating blood, you may maintain healthy iron ranges, thereby reducing your risk of developing cancer.

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